Week 5… A Tough Task, what Do You Think?

Part of this week’s assignment was to not have an Opinion.  Well, with a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old in the house not having an opinion seems to be a near impossibility. Also having a job where I am doing my best to enroll and coach people is also quite the challenge to not have an opinion. In fact I do not believe it is possible to not have an opinion and stay in business and keep the children from running amok.

I could hire somebody to give my children the right advice but this is skirting the issue. I actually do not believe that it is possible to live a life as a human being without having an opinion on just about everything.  Although my wife disagrees with me; typical… 😉

Perhaps I misunderstood the assignment, maybe what they meant was to not express my opinion. Even still, as stated above, to run the family and business and not have both go off a cliff is me still thinking, and is my opinion because who knows if that would come true or not but I am not willing to take that risk and this too is my opinion. At first glance it looks like you can’t  get away from having an opinion. Even if you don’t express it you still think it right?

Even my two cats have an opinion; are they being scratched enough, do they like the food being fed to them, is their litter box clean enough, they will let me know and in no uncertain terms whether they are satisfied or not. They might not use words like we do but they do communicate and express their opinion still.

It’s an interesting assignment and perhaps there is a greater meaning to the exercise but at this point in time the value of this exercise eludes me.  Unless it is an exercise in futility in which case I get it!

Saying I am sure there is more to it that I don’t see, again is just another opinion I am expressing. Anything I say, even that I do say, is or can be seen as an opinion, so…

From this exercise I learned that in conversation it’s best just to ask; So, what do you think of this?  Then I can keep my opinion to myself and learn from someone else’s point of view.  I don’t have to agree or disagree, I just tried to say, hmm, that’s interesting, what else do you like about that… Mission accomplished.  Ahhh…  🙂


Week 4 – A Nice Family Adventure Close to Home and Out Into Space…

A Nice Family Adventure Close to Home and Out Into Space…

Yesterday, October 17, 2016   I took my family to see a rocket launch. We drove about 10 or 15 minutes south of here to a construction site which had no lights so it was dark enough to park at and see the sky. We had known from my wife watching the news that a rocket destined to resupply the “ISS”, international space station was launching last night at 7:40 PM Eastern time. It was delayed about six minutes but we were on time, parked in the dark and sitting on a few fold up chairs watching the sky.

The four of us search the sky looking for what we thought would’ve been a longish tube with the flame coming out the back as it climbed up the sky. A few minutes after watching NASA TV on my wife’s iPhone we realized we were too far away from Langley Virginia to see what we were imagining.

At first my wife saw a shooting star. Then a few minutes later my 11year old son Lance son asked why that little orange star was moving faster than the other stars in the sky. Eureka, you found it Lance you found it…  My son, with much better eyesight then my 55-year-old eyes found the rocket in the sky. It was a small reddish dot, smaller than the average star in the sky moving higher and faster than any airplane we had ever seen. There was no telltale flashing light like on an airplane or helicopter that would’ve indicated it was something other than what it was. We watched it for a good five or six minutes before it disappeared into the sky far far away.

Although it was tiny it was exciting to see and brought on a few new goals for me and my family. My nine-year-old daughter said she never saw a shooting star which leads me to now decide that we will plan a trip within the next year or two to be in the Caribbean on a small dark island for the next August Perseid meteors shower event.  This will be a nice vacation with the intention for the children to see many shooting stars.  We will sleep most of the day and arrange to be awake at night for just such a viewing.

Personally I have always wanted to see the space shuttle launch. Now that the space shuttle is no longer an active program I would still like to see any kind of rocket close up during a launch. We will have to keep our schedule open for a last-minute trip to Florida or Virginia when we discover NASA’s departure schedule.

All done and said it was a very successful family outing and a memory we will have forever.

Week 3 DMP Feelings PPNs True Health and Liberty

Week 3 DMP Feelings PPNs True Health and Liberty

MKMMA should be taught starting in kindergarten!  If only teachers had the status of sports stars!  Magic Mrs. J. Smith Math class; and Ms. Brown, The Houdini of the Home-Room; or Mr. “Air” Jordan of History class; Grade 5- The Wizard(s) of Science Edu… Mr. Mark J., the Passion of Subby Control…

Charter schools could do it right now.  Public schools, not so much with our current political wimps in control of education… Just imagine, where would society be today if we started subby training when our minds were open to everything.  Have you ever listened to a child who wants to learn?  Why this, why that what if this what if it were like that… And the gusto they live with, always running everywhere they go; especially to the next room in the house, Speedy Mr. Moves, why go slow when you can run and slide in your socks on the polished wood floors…

Utopia, it is closer than most people think!  Never Nervous Nick The Quick The Owl Without a Vowel Pistol Pete Popeye Pitchin’ Paul the Buddha of the Dream…  And I’m not even interested in team sports myself.  Give me a ski slope or coral reef to explore any day of the week!  It’s time for The Big Show White Lightning and The Animal… Choo-Choo Charlie The Bald Eagle El Scorpion Master Ishii and The Bear…

Wednesday, 10/12/2016 I participated in the Speed Reading class with Jana Martinez, it was amazing. Learning to read four times faster by the end of the 2&1/2 Hour course compared to the beginning of the course was shocking in a wonderful way for me.
I have since read The entire master key mastermind alliance experience workbooks for all three weeks in a matter of 15 minutes Flat.  The day before this would have taken me 2 or 3 hours! This is my first day reading in this way and with practice I’m sure I will get faster.

It was interesting to feel myself wanting to go faster while at the same time hearing the words in my mind being spoken but not with my own voice!  My old blueprint wants to slow down and speak words out loud in my mind, but as Jana taught this only allows you to read at the speed of sound whereas following the instructions you will learn to read at the speed of thought which is faster even than the speed of light!

With more practice I might actually be able to read the five or 6 feet deep of books I have accumulated over the years and that prospect feels very exciting.  What will does the future reveal?

MKMMA Week 2

MKMMA Week 2

Well, MKMMA week two has been challenging to say the least. I have continued with my reading and worked out my PPN, personal pivotal needs.

I have been challenged and confronted by my management of time.  Although there are 168 hours per week it seems I have little if any extra time to do the assignments, print out the pages and read everything required to keep my scholarship promises going, especially to blogging.

I am committed to doing as I said I would do therefore I am making the time to make this post and keep the process alive.

I will have to re-create my week so there is time to eat sleep work play and continue the coursework without sacrificing sleep work or play. I wouldn’t mind winning a small lottery Cover current expenses and give me a cushion of financial security. I’m not asking for much only $10 or $20 million should do it.

And then there are the cards.  I was confronted by the papers on my desk.  My first self-assignment was to clean off some papers and organize the piles. Well, that didn’t go as I planned.  Not only did the papers not move more than a few inches I added to the piles if anything.  Sure, I know where things are a little more now than last week but clean them all up, not on your life!

And then there’s the DMP.  I really like the DMP; it is helping me get clear on my core desires.  Although my coach gives me high praise for dialing it in more and more, I want to be more specific and keep it from becoming a laundry list, but, I’m also confronted by the 400 word limit.  Sure, I could chop away 2 or 3 big chunks and just leave them off the DMP altogether but that feels inauthentic.  In time, no more than 6 months 3 of them will naturally fall off the list as they are accomplished anyway.  Then I can be more focused and specific and to the point on the remainder.  I will just keep in mind that it is all part of the process and keep at it.  I did get it to 398 words by late last night.  If only my coach didn’t keep asking for more specifics!  That’s OK though; I feel my coach has my best interests at heart and I trust in her ability to see me through the bumps in the road.

MKMMA Week One…

I am very pleasantly surprised by MKMMA a session one.
It was so rich with educational information even though it was just laying of the groundwork for the journey ahead. I could clearly see the “Red X” in my past from school, religious institutions , even summer camp where a well-meaning teenage counselor stomped on my self-esteem and confidence for not drowning during the swim test!

I forgive him, I’m sure he had little to no training other than if he could swim and row a boat.  I am happy to report his condemnation of me didn’t stick at swimming.  I swim often and am even an advanced SCUBA Diver now.  What happened to my subconscious is another story.

My course paperwork is already scribbled full with notes in various colors, high lights and underlines.

If this is what the first session held then I can’t wait for the value and benefit of the rest of the course as we get into the real heart of the matter!

So far the reading assignments have been simple yet are very powerful. It has become painfully clear how language is the key to everything in life.  I knew this before but for some reason it is much clearer now from what I learned so far.

This is very exciting!